Harakado is a shiny new complex in the center of Harajuku, which blends shopping with relaxation. From rooftop bars to public baths, art spaces, and more — there’s lots to keep you busy. Here are seven of the best things to see and do.

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado, as it’s officially known, is all about inspiring creativity, building communities, and rejuvenating the area’s culture. Whether Harakado will ultimately succeed in that or not, it’s an enjoyable space to be in.

1. The Harakado rooftop and bar

The Harakado rooftop is the perfect hangout spot, especially on a warm day. Anyone can access it for free, but if you want the full experience, it’s recommended that you head to the seventh-floor bar, where you can order a pint and take in the spectacular views of Harajuku and beyond. On a clear day, you can even see Tokyo Tower in the distance.

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Photo by Jane Pipkin

To get between the fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-floor balconies, you can either take the stairs or elevator. As expected, you get the best view, and vibes, from the seventh floor. The seating in this area also has a rainforest-esque feel to it, as it is covered by greenery. Outdoor power outlets are available, if you want to do a spot of work or just charge your devices.

Note: Outside food and drink is not allowed, but there are plenty of options available from the Kitchen & Terrace floors.

2. Harappa

The fourth floor, called Harappa, is a free space for visitors to take a break and immerse themselves in Tokyo’s version of nature. The floor’s artworks, such as the striking bonfire installation, have been created to promote a sense of sustainability. Harappa has a brighter and fresher feel compared to the other floors, helping to further evoke that sense of being in nature.

The fourth floor is filled with art, and is the perfect place to relax. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

While you’re exploring Harappa, take a walk through the Nature Crossing. Entering this room makes you feel as though you’ve been temporarily transported to the seaside. The sound and visuals of the crashing waves are guaranteed to make you feel a bit more at peace.

Pro tip: If you want to go out and experience some actual nature, one of Tokyo’s largest parks, Yoyogi Park is a five-minute walk away.

If you fancy some coffee, and some freshly baked cookies, you can pick these up at Hara Kado Café. This spacious café is a great place to sit back and relax, or do some work.

3. Magazine corner

On the second floor of Harakado, you’ll find the magazine library.

A small corner of the magazine corner in Harakado. | Photo by Jane Pipkin

This free-to-browse library has been filled with over 3,000 magazines — all of which have donated by publishers or the general public. You will find both old and more recent issues of Japanese and international magazines.

4. Shopping

Harakado is home to around 75 different shops, spanning floors B1 to 4F. They stock everything you could of think of, from apparel to flowers. You can take advantage of tax-free shopping at some of them, as long as you have your passport with you.

Some of the shops you should definitely check out include DESPERADO, which stocks clothes and miscellaneous goods from young domestic and international designers, and Deus Ex Machina, the Australian apparel brand inspired by motorcycle and surfing culture.

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Photo by Alex Ziminski

There is also a HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Labo, where you can find premium CBD oils and vegan products to support health and wellness. For those looking to brighten up their space with some fresh flowers, check out All Good Flowers Lab, which has a store on the third floor, and a small kiosk by the front entrance.

While you’re on the third floor, be sure to browse the cute and colorful animal artwork from PASQUITON NEW YORK. In close promixity, you’ll also find other art show rooms, and even a studio where you can shoot and edit social media content.

Note: At the time of publication, details on the social media studio were unclear. If you are keen to learn more about STEAM STUDIO and its facilities, it’s best to speak directly to one of the staff members.

A few other big-name stores are set to open in Harakado, including Dior and Maison KOSÉ. Anime fans will be pleased to know that a One Piece Mugiwara store will also open, in summer of 2024.


This concept store, which is strictly for over-18s, sells adult pleasure items that are on the more subtle side. Based on the theme of “Love and Freedom Wonderland”, TENGA LAND aims to create a judgement-free space for its customers.

the shop tenga land in harajuku
Not your typical sushi conveyor belt. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

In the center of the store, you can find some of the most popular TENGA products traveling along a 7-meter conveyor belt. As well as adult pleasure items, you will find items for relaxation and sexual health, and other limited-edition merchandise, like clothing. Other features include a TENGA-themed vending machine, and an interactive touch-screen game.

6. Food

There are two main floors dedicated to dining in Harakado. On the fifth and sixth floors, you’ll find plenty of seats and standing tables in the Kitchen & Terrace area. You can even take food and drink outside in certain areas.

eating space with chairs in Harakado
There are many places to sit, eat and take a break at Harakado. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Whether you are feeling sushi, pho or pasta, there is a wide range to choose from. Notable restaurants include Ippudo, Pretty Pork Factory, and Maguro Donya Megumi. Most places have at least one vegetarian option — with Falafel Brothers boasting a fully vegan menu. There are a few stalls selling desserts, such as the much-loved gelato brand, Giolitti.

You can also find a café or two, like Baby The Coffee Brew Club and Angelina, in Harakado. Baby The Coffee Brew Club is a members-only lounge, aimed at bringing creatives together to share ideas over freshly brewed coffee. There are three types of memberships to choose from, all varying in price and benefits. You’ll need to sign up and download the official app from the company’s website. Alternatively, anyone can walk into Angelina and can enjoy the signature Mont Blanc, while admiring the gorgeous Parisian-inspired interior.

Note: Although the shops close at 9 p.m, the restaurants and cafes in Harakado stay open until 11 p.m. each night.

7. Kosugiyu Harajuku Sento

On the B1 floor, or Chikaichi, is the new Harajuku public bath, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the sento way of life.

Kosugiyu Harajuku sento public bath
Embrace the sento way of life at Kosugiyu. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Even if you don’t enter the bath itself, the floor still offers a tranquil setting to relax and unwind. Kosugiyu has partnered with some reputable brands to help create the different areas in this public bath town. The most notable areas include a running station, created in collaboration with sports brand Under Armor, and a drinking area, sponsored by Sapporo Beer.

Although entry to the Chikaichi area is free, you will have to pay to use the sento. Luckily, it is pretty affordable, with entry for adults costing ¥520, ¥200 for elementary school students, and ¥100 for preschoolers.

Apparently, tattoos are allowed at Kosugiyu in Harakado, but it is unclear if there will be any restrictions when it opens officially on May 13. Also note that the baths are quite small compared to other onsen mammoths in Tokyo.

Highlights of Harakado


What was there before Harakado?

Back in the day, the flagship, and famous, Condomania store once stood there. Although there is no Condomania in Harakado, there is still one in Shibuya Parco. Alternatively, you can just visit TENGA LAND instead.

Is Harajuku good for shopping?

Yes! Harajuku has a reputation for being one of the trendiest places in all of Japan. Besides Harakado, you can find lots of other shopping spots, like LaForet and the high-end Omotesando Hills.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change.

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