Tokyo events for Monday, May 20 to Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Night owls, rejoice! Tokyo Night Market is back, along with other evening-friendly beer and cultural festivals.

But if you follow the “early to bed, early to rise” motto, then some daytime activities like a traditional procession or cosplay festival might be for you.

Tokyo Night Market

Wander under the boughs of Yoyogi Park while experiencing some of Tokyo’s charm and culture at the Tokyo Night Market. While you can visit during the day (on the weekend), the real appeal of Tokyo Night Market shows after sunset. Settle down under stages with live music acts and performances and explore the art galleries set up under the tents.

Suggested Activity
Practice Zen and Tea Ceremony
Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony, in English, performed by a nationally accredited tea master. Try traditional Japanese confectionery and a cup of real matcha tea -- see how the flavors are perfectly balanced! You'll have the chance to make a cup of your own before you leave. ...

Hanazono Shrine Grand Festival

The streets of Shinjuku get a whole lot busier during the annual grand festival of Hanazono Shrine. There will be many food stalls and festivities around the shrine, but the main event takes place on Sunday. Large mikoshi (portable shrines) will set off from the shrine in the morning (around 10 a.m.) and be carried through the main streets of Shinjuku.

Shiba Park Oktoberfest Spring

Across two weeks, you’ll be able to hang out in Shiba Park and get a taste of German culture. There will be a mix of imported and local beer and wine, along with drinking, snacks, and some live performances to get you in the mood.

Tokyo Architecture Festival

Do you love the sight of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks and buildings? If so, the Tokyo Architecture Festival is the event for you. During the festival, over 30 major metropolitan buildings in Tokyo will have special tours you can take inside.

Laos Festival

The Laos Festival is filled with Laotian dancing, music, workshops, and — arguably best of all — food. Performances include dance troupes, traditional musicians, Lao and Japanese singers as well as workshops for language, dance, and cooking.

May Grand Sumo Tournament

Held every May, this is the third of Japan’s six annual Sumo Tournaments, known as honbasho. With sumo rankings released a few weeks before, it’s a chance to see the traditional sport up close and personal. While the fights are broadcast on NHK, nothing beats the atmosphere of the tense final match.

Italia, amore mio!

The biggest Italian festival in Japan, organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, is back. This year’s edition will be held at Roppongi Hills. Also on hand: wine and cheese galore, cocktails, live music, and shopping opportunities.

Oedo Beer Festival Spring

The spring version of the Oedo Beer Festival has returned to give craft beer fans even more choice of places in which to spend a spring outing. Over the two seasons, more than 30 different brewers and food stalls will be in attendance. Some will be serving their brews at both seasons, but others will appear in only one.

New Layers Paradise Cosplay Festival

Anime and manga come alive through cosplay and no one does it better like Japan. New Layers Paradise Cosplay Festival takes place in Tokyo Dome’s Prism Hall and usually pulls in upwards of 3500 attendees. For a unique twist, there’s a VR stage for all visitors to use.

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